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Our Story.....

In Part 1, we introduced the traditional art of genuine Italian pizza and the meaning of our name. At APART, we stand for the strength of the whole and the uniqueness of each part, for delicious pizza and art.

APART Arts is an expression of our dedication to the arts and the community. The rich history of art and culture is built on the model of patrons giving artists the opportunity to do what they do best. Through APART we step into the patron role and support local artists and groups through creative local community support, mentoring and advice, promotional partnerships and exposure of outstanding music, photography, theater and fine art to discerning consumers. We demonstrate the same unwavering commitment to quality art that we do for every pie we hand toss to order.

APART Arts is growing by leaps and bounds. Our first artist, Lou Carlozo is a not only a Chicago Tribune DVD critic, editor and former music writer, but also an award-winning songwriter. His album “Stick Figure Soul” (on APART Arts label), recalls the likes of Tom Petty,the Byrds, Kinks, Matthew Sweet and Clash with doses of post-modern pop thrown in the atom smasher. Visit for music and more.

Our theater partnerships are many and growing. In December our Nutcracker benefit, a performance of The House Theater at the Steppenwolf Upstairs Theater, raised resources and attention for Cabrini Green Legal Aid. As always, APART Pizza continues to be enjoyed by cast, crew, and audience of The Neofuturists, Redtwist, and Corn Productions (to name a few).

The APART Arts newsletter, The Circular, presents our slice of news from the neighborhood and the arts. We are making plans for new projects in fine art, photography, and new media. Join us and be a part of creating beautiful art.

To be continued…

You may know Chicago pizza, or New York pizza, but do you know genuine Italian pizza? Nobody knows it better than APART, and we want to share it with you.

The APART pizza story begins in the “Provincia di Bolzano,” the northern-most region of Italy and the former home of our owner and chefs. The story of pizza begins much earlier, in Naples, during Roman times, when a bread more similar to pita was rolled by hand and cooked with leftovers on top. APART brings back the heritage and tradition of Italian pizza, specializing in the hand-craftsmanship of the pizza maker, the elegant balance of dough, sauce, and fresh toppings.

Our hand-rolled and homemade pizza is a work of art that has been passed from generation to generation. Our founding chef Carlo passed on his tradition to his son. Our dedication to this tradition will not be changed as we grow; our chefs are trained up to six months before they serve you. Yet, art reflects both the master’s tradition and the maker’s individuality. In a homogenized world, we are set apart by our appreciation for the unique personality of each of our chefs – we consider it an important part of our process. Our primary focus, though, is your individual taste. We specialize in the personalized 10” pizza, giving you a chance to enjoy your part of a whole pizza.

Our unique name is the truest symbol of our story. APART is pizza art, connecting Europe’s rich art tradition and Italy’s culinary heritage. APART is individuality, being proud to stand apart from the ordinary. And APART is the beauty and strength of the whole, which becomes possible only through appreciating each unique part. Come and enjoy a part of our history, our art, our truly delicious pizza.

To be continued…